The brand

History and inspirations

At the beginning...

It is paradoxically in a kitchen that everything starts, that the ideas become consistent after another Parisian night, that arrives a strange observation: all these women that I meet, each unique, curious of the world, traveler at least in thought, lively, sharp, independent, coming from everywhere, gathered around this sense of French style readjusted according to their personality, their rhythm, their past, present and future. But which brand to dress such a diversity ? To this question, it will take a few years of reflection and a trip to New York for the Sinai Yaba brand to see the day and realize this sweet wish: to offer a dynamic wardrobe, sharp and open to the world like these women who everyday amaze me with their sense of style.
But what brand to dress this fierce generation of women ?
To this question, a couple of years and a trip to New York were necessary to finally build Sinaï Yaba Paris brand and to propose a dynamic, sharp and generous silhouette at the image of women that amaze us everyday.

An ode to French chic

Elegance first and foremost! A sophistication behind the simplicity of the cuts, a silhouette as feminine as structured, a fragrance of freedom and confidence that flushes with each movement, beautiful materials that last and accompany each woman on the course of her style and, why not, her life too.

A touch (and more) of African aesthetics

Everything generates inspiration: the printed materials, the materials, the embroidery, the ancestral crafts, and this very precise way of putting on a pedestal the coquetry of the women. An inexhaustible source of creation steeped in the many cultures and aesthetics across the continent. Stories transmitted by the fabrics, themselves influenced by the four corners of the world, which symbolize the curiosity of the free woman that the Sinaï Yaba Paris brand wants to dress.

A different wardrobe

A handful of collections a year, small series for quality, a search for cuts and materials able to sublimate all women. The result: a timeless style that will not look like anyone else but you.

What matters for us

To offer you a different experience of fashion, which focuses on the quality, the finishes, and the story behind each piece, each fabric.